Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Graphic 45 Calendar Folio Series...

Great news! The Folio Series is coming back. After a three month break, I am ready to get back to the series. We will start up again in September with the September folios, posting September 17th!!

I will hold the Summer Folios (June, July, and August) until January 21, 2018. (I hope you will forgive me for taking a break. I sure needed one!) I want to stay on track with the monthly projects, so we will start up again with September and then have a Summer Fest in the New Year! 
If you are seeing this late, click HERE for the January - May Folios. There is a link to the storage box also.
Now, for a "bad" note about the folio storage box. Since I make my folio covers so LUMPY, only about 12 folios (6 months) will fit in the box! So, if you are making your folios dimensional, like I am, you will need to make a second box, or you will need to make a longer box, or find another storage solution. I have not decided what I will do yet. 

I am quite upset that I did not calculate the thickness of each folio correctly! I will probably make a second box. {insert major sigh and an eye roll here}

So, join me on September 17th for the next folio!


  1. Ha! Sounds just like something I would do! You've made a beautiful storage box to hold your folios! We all need a break and I'm so happy you were able to take one! Now, get back to work! Ha! Ha!

  2. I am sooooo glad to read this, as I´ve been saving all the others and have been searching around to find the last 3 months with no luck ofcause, so can´t say, how happy I am to see now, that the rest will come, and the next one even on my birthday, so I should have a chance to remember it then too ha ha ha. Will it only be on your own blog here or on the G45 blog too? It´s sooo gorgeous and I can´t wait to see the rest too, and I´ve saved this collection just for this project. Thanks sooo much for doing it, I really apreciate that very much. Have a great week ahead here now.

    1. Maryann, the projects will only be shown here on my blog and on Facebook and other social media. Graphic 45 may re-post to their FB page or Instagram, but they are not under obligation to do so since I am not on the team right now. If they have a "slow week" they will often re-post my stuff, which is a joy! ;) Thanks for hanging in there with me as I get this going again!