Saturday, December 06, 2008

Meet Chuck Green!

Crop Stop was hosting a challenge in November, called the Chuck Green Challenge. If you emailed Hailey Jo at Crop Stop, she would send "Chuck" to you. You were to alter him (I know, that sounds BAD for Chuck) and then post him, in his alteredness, in the Crop Stop Gallery.

Ok, Chuck was basically trash! Get it? Chuck - something you throw away. Green - to recycle or re-purpose. Get it? At any rate, my Chuck Green was a plastic folder thing that embellishments come in. And this is what I made with "him." This is a sort of fancy Thanksgiving card. You can slip a smaller card or a note into the inside tray if you like.

I used the Crop Stop December Crafty Kit, a few odds and ends from my stash, plus photos I printed from the stock photo site! (You thought that was MY Thanksgiving table?! Get real!)

Keep posted to the Crop Stop site for the NEXT Chuck Green Challenge. Or if you have other trash to treasure items, post them to the Gallery! We'd all love to see!

Oh, and before I forget, if you have a Wish List for Santa, go to Crop Stop and see what sort of deal "Santa" can get! Don't forget to fill out your List!


  1. Very creative Gloria! Love it!

  2. Love your Chuck Green projects!

  3. Gloria,
    I like this - I don't recall you showing this one at TNT - but I like it.

  4. Awesome idea, I love Love LOVE this!!

  5. Wow - fantastic idea - I love your Chuck, the colours and papers are just beautiful.

  6. Love those papers and that turkey made me hungry!!

    hugs, Karen Lee

  7. You have done a great job with "Chuck"!! and now I'm hungry LOL

  8. How fun!! I am sure Chuck is quite proud of the job you did. Great job with this challenge.