Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I do Scrap!

I know it seems as if I never scrap page layouts! I do, honest! It's just that lately I've been doing a lot of cards and mini albums. Here are a few of my latest pages. (I hope I did not post them already. I'm too lazy to go check!) Anyway, these have either been created since Jan. or are newer ones from the winter that I've not shown you yet, I think...

This first one was a Challenge for my TNT club. Dh took the photos when we were in Paris in September 2007. I have tons of photos to scrap from that trip, so I'm doing a few at a time. I had planned to make a "matching" album, but...I'm having fun just scrapping the photos so don't care if the pages "match." That's pretty freeing! And dh took some AMAZING photos, so I love being able to just scrap them the way that I want without worrying about paper colors or anything.

This one is from the same trip, only this is London. This was also a challenge for TNT.

And, yes one more TNT challenge page. And more Paris photos.

This next one was for a Crop Stop page sketch challenge. I am not very happy with the layout, but it's photos from 2002, so scrapped is better than perfect at this point! And I used some of my new Tim Holtz metal.

This last one was also a page sketch, but for TNT. I also used the NEW Spinners from MOSD. And some MOSD Stick-Ons. Killed two birds with that scrappy stone! Three birds if you count that this is also a photo from 2002. I am ALMOST finished scrapping the 2002 photos! YAHOOO!

Ok, there you have proof that I DO scrapbook! It's not all smoke and mirrors! :o)


  1. Gloria,

    You DO scrap pages, too (hee hee, I knew that). I LOVE these pages! I don't always get a good look at the TNT pages...glad I had a second chance to see your amazing work!

  2. Anonymous4:40 AM

    hi from France (not in Paris but not too far from Paris...) Great job and nice photos too