Tuesday, April 14, 2009

365 Cards Scor-it Week - TriFold Card

Today at 365 Cards the Challenge is to make TriFold cards. I have two cards to show you. (I am sorry about the quality of the photos. I forgot to take photos until almost bedtime! But...it's better than no photos, right?!)

The first card has a fun trifold. See the instructions below.

1. Make a 4.25x5.5 inch base out of solid cardstock.

2. Then, using patterned cardstock (not printed paper, as you need a heavy weight paper), cut to 4x7.25 inches. Score the patterned cardstock at 2" in from the left edge.

3. Attach the 4x5.5 inch section of printed cardstock to the front of the main panel, as shown.

4. Then cut a coordinating piece of cardstock (white in the sample) to 3.25x8.5 inches. Score in from the right at 3.75 Inches.

5. Attach the white panel to the card as shown.

6. Decorate and then fold the left flap down, then the right flap and tie closed with ribbon.

This next card is a 3.5x3.5 inch gift card.

1. Cut a piece of solid cardstock to 3.5x 10.5 inches.

2. Score 3.5 inches in from the left and 3.5 inches in from the right.

3. Score the left end panel on the diagonal from the bottom right inside fold to the outer left edge.

4. Score the right end panel on the diagonal from the top left inside fold to the outer right edge.

5. Fold as shown, decorate, and tie closed with a ribbon.

I know these directions are not as great as yesterday. I hope you can figure out what to do!


  1. Great tri-fold cards Gloria!! Love your papers!! sooo fun!!

  2. gorgeous tri-folds! I love both of these designs!

  3. Love the money holder idea. I give most family members money for birthdays and this would be perfect! Thanks.

  4. Fantastic cards. Great work.

  5. Wonderful Tri-Fold card - Love the PP and Thank you for your instructions - I will have to give it a go.

  6. Gorgeous, Gloria!! That first one is just bursting with flowers - so pretty!!

  7. Your cards are just gorgeous!!!

  8. Both of these are just absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad I didn't look at everyones before I did mine it would have been to intimidating, your card are fantastic

  10. Love these cards! I am going to try your first one I think!

  11. WOW. These are terrific. Love them both.

  12. Wow, Gloria - these are both fab! I'm definitely going to have to give that second one a try :)

  13. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, what a beautifully stunning card.

  14. This is such a sophisticated and chic card, I love it! You have such detailing (including using a Prima flower to cover the back of the smaller card piece from the front). So pretty.