Wednesday, April 15, 2009

365 Cards Scor-it Week - Matchbook Card

Here we are! Another day of Scor-it Week at 365 Cards! Today the challenge is to make a matchbook card. My card is very similar in construction to the money holder card I made for Monday.

1. Cut a sheet of cardstock to 9 3/8" x 5 1/2".

2. Holding the cardstock long ways, score in from the left at 4 1/8". Then score in from the right at 7/8" of an inch.

3. Rotate the cardstock so that the 7/8" inch score is at the bottom of the card. Fold on the score line. Then staple the flap near the bottom center of the card.

4. Fold the larger flap down and tuck it into the bottom flap, per the photo above.

5. Decorate as desired.

I used my Stampin' Up slot punch to punch two slots inside the card to hold a gift card (or a check or some cash).

I will also share with you my dirty little secret for my inside sentiment! I don't have the money to buy a ton of sentiment stamps and a lot of the time I only like one out of a set! So, I look at magazines and catalogs and create my own printable stamps in Microsoft Word! It's fun to play with the fonts and make my own sentiments. I can print them on cardstock in any color ink I require! There, now you know my secret!

I won't have a 365 Cards project for you tomorrow, but check back on Friday and Saturday to see what I have for you then! I will have the Apron Strings Designs April Reveal tomorrow! So come back and see that!


  1. So pretty. Love the faux stitching on the cover. Love that you turned it into a gift card/cash holder.

  2. Gloria, it's gorgeous - your cards always make me smile :) <--- see?

  3. Gorgeous! Love that sentiment so much. such a happy and fun card!

  4. Love the colors on this Gloria!!

  5. Gorgeous card - love how you have used it as a Gift Card Holder - great stitching, it really sets it off.

  6. This is so striking, great card

  7. I love the strawberry paper! This is just so sweet!!

    hugs, Karen Lee

  8. I really love this card. I think the colors are so soft - it makes me think of a Laura Ashley design. And all of the little touches that you add make it so special and beautiful.

  9. Anonymous5:42 PM

    great faux stitching, and the background paper is so pretty, and the way it was combined with all the other elements is just perfect, just a beautiful card

  10. Super cute matchbook card!

  11. gorgeous matchbook card Gloria!!