Monday, October 05, 2009

365 Cards - Paper Weaving

Today is Monday. And you know what that means! Another crazy 365 Cards Challenge! The challenge for today is paper weaving. I will admit, when I read that on my DT sheet I wanted to climb through the computer and strangle Pam with paper scraps! From the time I was an elementary school child I have despised paper weaving. I won't even do a craft with my kids that requires it! How could she?! I really was unhappy with the challenge. But, like the good DT member that I am, never breaking the rules, or rebelling (who's laughing?!), I did the challenge. And it turned out FAB-U-LOUS! If I do say so myself! Pam is ALWAYS right. Must admit it.

For further inspiration for this challenge I used the September CropStop card sketch. (I think the sketches come from the PageMaps site.)

The paper I used is from a Making Memories 6x6 pad that I found in my stash. (I shopped out of my stash this past week and found many treasures!) I think this is the Boho Chic Lauren pack that I bought at Big Lots some time ago. I simply cut the two patterns into strips and wove them. I glued the whole mess to a sheet of white cardstock and trimmed it up before matting it with the blue.

I used the same blue to cut circles with the Spellbinders circle dies. I crumpled the circles and sanded them a bit before stacking them to make my embellishments. I found a scrap of cotton fabric for a bow, and a button for an accent. The stamps on the greeting are Hampton Art and Stampin' Up.

OK, weave away folks!


  1. well I am NOT laughing....I am snorting diet coke out my nose!!! LOL moment to calm myself....... ok much better now. nope still snickering!! You know you did a great job and such a beautiful card (did you bribe someone to weave it? LOL) I'm thinking of doing just that....Oh and FYI a "W" is an upside down "M" so perhaps you didn't get off so easy!! **all you others reading this know that Gloria and I don't take offence to each others comments!** when you do strangle pam with paper i want to catch it all on film :0) LOL

  2. LOL... you two :P
    But no, you're not a rebel, who says you are? hehe...
    Love your paper weaving. You did it perfectly! I think it's beautiful and the colours are so soft :)

  3. Pretty good for someone who doesn't like to weave...I made my strips bigger so I didn't have to do so much...LOL
    I love the colors you used, nice card.

  4. Gloria - you always design such beautiful cards! I love the papers you chose for weaving!

  5. Gorgeous colours together, and I adore your cotton bow.

  6. Beautiful card, and love the weaving!

  7. This is gorgeous, Gloria! Just thought I'd pop in to say so. :-)

  8. This is so pretty, I love the colors you chose, and your paper flower.
    I am glad you got a laugh out of my inner-tubing grannie!!! She is pretty funny!
    Hope you had a great week, enjoy your weekend!

  9. This is beautiful, Gloria--I love your paper weaving!