Monday, November 23, 2009

Using What's On Hand...

Or use what's on your hand, as the case may be! The 365 Cards Challenge for today - Day 268 - Try a Technique, is really one that makes you use your hands! Literally! You are to create thumbprint art on your project. (Let's set aside the fact that Pam sits up late thinking of challenges which cause me to say naughty words!) Ladies, we do not need stamps! We just need our fingers and thumbs! Feast your eyes on this.

Now, stop laughing! Oh, well, go ahead. Laugh until you pop! It is funny! I made a card using American Crafts printed paper and Stampin' Up cardstock. Then I "stamped" my thumbprints onto some white paper, and drew "bird parts" on them. They really are a bit of a hoot! (bad pun intended)

The sentiment is an Inkadinkado stamp. My teen son thought I wrote it in "kid handwriting" and was so proud of me. I had to tell him that, alas, I CHEATED and used a stamp! I also used a scrap of ribbon left over from an old CK greeting card kit. Now that's recycling!

So since I am on a "use what's on hand" kick, here is another project for you. I decided I wanted to make a notebook to keep on my computer desk so that I can jot down challenges I enter, design teams I try out for, projects I submit, and so on. I had a pre-made notebook on the shelf that was perfect, but it was sort of plain and boring. I dragged it out and covered it with some Graphic 45 paper, but then got stuck thinking of what to put on the cover. Then I had the idea to recycle this card I made when I was the featured designer for Card Sketch a Day a while back.

This is one of those cards that I just love and cannot part with! But what good does it do sitting in a box? So I pulled it apart and used it to decorate the front of my notebook!

Now, I have a snazzy notebook in which to write all my "hey, Gloria don't forget about..." type things! Here is a close-up of the sentiment. This is one of my favorite stamps. (Stampin' Up)

Here is a side view of the tabs and pockets. I covered each pocket with some vintage-looking paper.

This is just one of those projects that was easy to make, but gives me a huge amount of joy!

That's it for today. I will be back later in the week with my MOSD project, plus the CropStop Friday embossing project. I may have other cards for you, but...depends on which way my mojo blows this week!

ETA: I found the instructions to the Easel Card I posted yesterday. It's from the Crazy 4 Challenges blog. There are great instructions linked from there and the DT on that blog had some AMAZING samples!


  1. Gloria, the thumb card is sooooooo cute and amusing! I had a big big smile all over my face...
    and sorry, this time you didn't cheat... (did Pam said anything about not using stamps?....)

    and your notebook is just gorgeous!
    (wait for my recicle project...)

  2. holy cow! Those finger prints are the cutest darned things I have ever seen. AND the sentiment too is adorable. I can't imagine why you would want to say naughty words after a challenge like this one! ; )

  3. well i am so glad pam has let her children pick a challenge for us! :0)LOL this is a super cute idea and you rocked the challenge if i do say so myself. so glad you found time to craft yesterday and the notebook is stunning!! i have cards i can't part with so will "reuse" your idea :0) you are my mentor right?? LOL off to the oral surgen to get stitchs checked now (YUK) then i have all day to craft while dh is at work :0)

  4. These are great, Gloria! The thumbprint card DID make me smile, and the notebook is just lovely :)

  5. Ooooo, this is so gorgeous!!! That´s incredible!

  6. Your thumbprint card is way too cute and that notebook is just beautiful.

  7. Gloria,

    That "bird" card is adorable! And...I'm so proud of you for getting ink on your fingers, lol...Love the notebook, too. I need to make myself one of those (unless a REALLY awesome friend wants to make one for me....heehee)...Miss you! See you next Monday for lunch?