Sunday, December 20, 2009

365 Cards Sketchy Sunday 12/20

I am actually typing this up on Saturday night, because I plan to be in church this morning. I pray this stupid cold does not keep me home. Today is our special music service called the Cantata. I look forward to it every year. I had to miss my dh and ds perform "Silent Night" on Wednesday. I was really bummed. But they may get to do it again on Christmas Eve, so that makes me happy! My son composed the music and I am so proud of him. My husband brings you to tears with his amazing voice. And he's cute! (wink)

Ok, enough of that! Here is Pam's sketch for 365 Cards Sketchy Sunday.

I took some major liberties with this baby! But...sometimes you get an idea and have to run with it! I need all of you to sit down before you peek at this card, however...because...I used LOOSE GLITTER! GASP! You know I must have been under the influence of medication....or some of Pam's "special" coffee!

I started out with this glittery piece of Best Creation paper - they make all sorts of Christian-inspired paper. I love the glittery poinsettias on this paper. So I added glitter to the sentiment by dipping the edges of the paper in glue, then pouring on the loose glitter. I did the same for the flowers...brushed a thin coat of glue and poured on glitter. Oh yeah. I had glitter EVERYWHERE!

The brad is pre-glittery...Doodlebug I think. I've had bad luck getting glitter to stick to brads. I have better luck with the glittery embossing powder.

The cute image is Close to My Heart. I colored it with Stampin' Up markers. I edged the circle with brown and blue chalk in. I love my Nesties. I use them for almost every card. I'd "die" without them. Get it?! Snort giggle.

This card is also for the Play Date Cafe color challenge: blue, gold, cream.

Check back tomorrow for my Monday challenge. It was a hard one! I was pretty sticky when I finished....


  1. Well done! I love it when you check your borders of creativity.... using that loose glitter was something, right? I had it when I made my card of blue and gold.... glitter all over the place, cloth, table, everywhere...
    It reminds me how I hate the sand all over when we go to the seaside...LOL

    Your card is beautiful! I'm glad you preformed some rebel crafting here! Looking at the sketch, it feels in my bones to cheat here a little....if you understand me...

    I love the way you colored the image. and you know I "die" for those flowers! please remember to add some of them to the choclate you put in my gift bag... LOL

    I hope you're feeling much better today, so that you could get to church. I understant you so well about being proud of your child! \

    take good care and 'see' you around....

  2. Hope you make it to church this morning!!! Sound like you have quite the talented should start a garage band:). I wish I could sing...I sound good in my car with the music totally cranked up...probably since it drowns out my own

    Your card is totally fab....I love the glitter!!!

  3. well i finaly made it to your blog!! lol LOVE the card and i think the mixture of cold med adn Pams "coffee" is amping up your mojo in a great way :) send me some of the mixture girl lol oh my what is in store for monday if your all glued up.... dare i look to see?? lol did you see the card i made for fire totaly works with this sketch?? Pam is reading my mind i tell ya lol

  4. Hi Gloria! Hope you are feeling better and that you made it to the Church! The cold sure didn't influence your card making in a bad way, it's drop dead gorgeous. You rock the loose glitter!!!

  5. WOW ~ your card is wonderful...I remember you telling me NO LOOSE's fun to use and you get to see it all over the place for days no matter how careful you are!
    Hope you are well on the road to being recovered!

  6. what a lovely card and love the glitter, thanks for joining us at the Play Date Cafe. Sandi

  7. what a beautiful and fun card.. I love anything with glitter on it.. :) great job.. :) Thanks for playing with us at the cafe.. HUGS

    ~Check out the new free digital stamps on my blog..