Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Lifetime Story Challenge #7

The My Lifetime Story challenge for today is to create a page or pages about your siblings. I have a lot of photos to scrap, so made this as a title page for my siblings section. I have 6 living siblings, and one sibling who passed away in 1961. There are no photos of my brother, Rex. Very sad. So I just put his birth/death information in the box. I used my brothers' military photos and for my sister and me, I used our high school photos. I created the collage with text in Photoshop, then printed it and scrapped it. (click the photo for a larger view)

I used Basic Grey Granola paper. The die cut letters are Ellison Go Slim. I also used a Martha Stewart border punch. This is a very simple layout for me! Not my normal style at all, but I like it anyway! (And yes, the photo of me is large. It was a landscape photo and to get it to fit I had to crop it like that. It's NOT because I think I am more important than my siblings...honest!)

Here is a page I created a while ago of my oldest brother and my dad. This was taken in 1949. I don't know this brother very well as he went to Vietnam when I was only 2, and was only home a short time after his discharge before moving away. I rarely see him, but did get some time with him this past summer. He was so great with my kids that I wish they could see him more often. He's almost as old as my husband's father, and was a wonderful surrogate grandpa! I am sure he does not want to be thought of like that, but I cannot help he's that old!

This is a layout I did a few years ago of my sister. It was for a slide mount challenge, of all things! Due to some family "issues" I've not seen or talked to my sister in a long time. It's something I pray about and hopefully things can change soon. I've asked God to soften both our hearts, but so's not happened. She used to be like a second mother to me, and I do miss her. I love this photo of her, but I am sure she hates it! She is sporting one of those wonderful home perms! Poor kid!


  1. they are all awesome! and how wonderful to have such fond memories of your siblings :) my fav is the last one with all the items from the 50's oh and the home perm dew!! :)

  2. Wonderful layouts!

  3. Gorgeous Layouts Gloria!!!