Friday, January 07, 2011


Are y'all ready for this?! The Round 1 Finalists for the Spellbinders 2011 DT were announced today! Check out the list. Scroll down, keep going....

Stephanie Ackerman
Lindsay Amrhein
Jennifer Ashley
Katarina Damm Blomberg
Glenda Brooks
Carolina Buchting
Alice Carman
Melyssa Connolly
Kimberly Crawford
Natalie Dever
Tonya Dirk
Susan Edwards
Christine Emberson
Sue Fields
Lynne Forsythe
Kirsteen Gill
Allie Gower
Judy Hayes
Jan Hennings
Sherri Holt
Lesley Langdon
Lori Leng
Roberta Lima
Debbie Marcinkiewicz
Kristina Markford
Mary Marsh
Carole Maurin
Tina McDonald
Julianne McKenna-De Lumen
AJ Otto
Angela Plogeman
Davi Reid
Windy Robinson
Danielle Ryerson
Ryann Salamon
Nicki Scheck
Anna Sigga
Gloria Stengel <----- That's me, baby!

Karen Taylor
Kim Teasdale
Rhonda Van Ginkel
Shanna Vineyard
Michelle Woerner
Latisha Yoast
Deborah Young

It's a big ole long list of very talented gals. I need to bring it for Round 2, no doubt! This is my third year trying out. The first year I did not make it past the first round. Last year I made it to the Finals and made the Top 24, but did not make the team. Maybe this year is my year! I cannot show you my project for Round 1 yet, but it's something I worked hard on and think turned out GREAT. I cannot wait to be able to let you see!

My friends know how much I love Spellbinders and how much I would love to DT for them! I am over the moon and jumping out of my skin in happiness! It would be a huge honor for me to make the team! to create a masterpiece for Round 2!


  1. wow gloria..that sure is one long list. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    guess's nowing again and heavy...I can't believe it, just when things were getting back to normal.


  2. CONGRATS!!!
    **think i will need to drive down and see you so i can pop your big ol head if you make the team??? LOL

    luv ya girlfriend :)

  3. Congrats Gloria - well, no one deserves the honor more than you - and perhaps with you being on the Graphic 45 team, they will snatch you up. I am with Rose though - I have my box of pins ready!!

  4. Good luck to you Gloria!

  5. What an honor!! Will you still be my friend if you make it on the team =;-)(tee-hee!) You so deserve this, seriously, all my best to you!!
    Luv ya!!

  6. Congrats Gloria and good luck...I know a few of the names on the list and what an honor to be among them!

  7. ::doing the happy dance::
    {not a pretty sight}

    congrats girl...crossing my fingers for ya!!

  8. Congrats!!! Good Luck on round 2!

  9. WAHOOOOOOOOO Girlie!!!!
    YGG 8-)

  10. Good Luck, Gloria. I think you more than deserve to be on the DT.