Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michael's Crafts and Stamp-tember!

In the late spring, Hampton Art Stamps asked me to do some samples for Michael's Crafts, using a new line of 7Gypsies stamps. They sent me some prototype stamps, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp sent me product, and Clearsnap sent inks. I was off to the races!

I knew that the event was happening in September, but then sort of forgot about it. Until today when Hampton Art had a photo on their Facebook page! Stamp-tember is here!

All the projects in this ad photo are mine! I am tickled pink...or maybe orange!

Here is a look at the Stamp-tember ad.

At the bottom of the Stamp-tember page is a little graphic that shows the projects again. To see each project, and learn how to make the projects, click the PROJECT photo on the Michael's page. Each of my cards (plus a ton of other projects) will display. The trays are shown HERE.

I will be showcasing all of the projects here on my blog during the fall, a few at a time. The first one is HERE.

I am giddy over this. It's so fun to have a big store like Michael's (where I spend a ton of money) show my work! I grumble a bit when I get asked to do this sort of work because, I have to stay within the supplies they send me and their needs are very specific. Plus, they ask for "30-min cards" or things that are easy to reproduce...but, when I see the samples in the's all worth it!


  1. How crazy exciting is that?! Congratulations to you, Gloria! It will be fun to watch for all the ads now!...Nancy :o)

  2. WHoo Hoo! - that's pretty exciting! congrats my friend!!

  3. Congrats, how exciting for you, the projects look great!