Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Art Class with Wilna!

I think I may have mentioned once or twice or 20 times that I have been out of the studio for most of October, November, and December. Being away from my crafty toys for that long has made me a bit rusty! So....I decided to sign up for Wilna Furstenberg's two "art classes" on Two Peas. (Click HERE to see.)

One of my local friends took the first class and said it was a lot of fun. So...I decided to sign up. I went out and purchased the few things from the supply lists that I did not already have on hand, and...I am ready to go!

Ok. I know at least 3 people said, "What is it that Gloria does not already own?!!!" I will tell you:

PITT Artist Pen
Meltart Beeswax
Chalkboard Paint
Pan Pastels
Spray Adhesive

And I confess a few things on the list I do have, but they are OLD and I feared they would not be viable (does spray adhesive go bad?). A few things I HAD but gave away....naturally... And at least ONE thing  on the list I vowed I would never buy. (My friend Pat knows which one!) (Yes, a few other goodies fell into the cart while I was shopping. hee hee)

At any rate, I want to try to do the homework, but we will see how that goes! I watched one video already and decided I needed to have a notebook to jot down the techniques that I wish to try for each lesson. So...

I found this little notebook and pen set in my stash. I forget where it came from. But it's so cute and ready to alter! It's perfect for keeping notes to myself for each of the Art Class lessons.

I pulled out a bit of Graphic 45 Couture paper and gave the little notie a face lift! I even covered the pen with paper. I used a few sticker letters to spell out "ART." Now the notebook says, "Simply Stunning Art"! I guess I am ready to create!

Before I forget, again, I wanted to share a few gift card holders that I made for Christmas. I forgot to show these before Christmas, but the idea is still good. You can do this for any holiday by changing up which stamps you use!

I used little boxes from Bags n Bows. I used the mini gable box and a pillow box. The boxes were black, but I stamped on them with white ink and snowflake stamps. Then I embossed the snowflakes with white embossing powder. I was fine with it being a bit messy as it makes it look like actual snow! 

I made some gift tags using stamps that I designed! I stamped onto black cardstock with white ink, then embossed with white embossing powder. Easy peasy! You would use these for winter treats. Just change the tag sentiment.

ETA: I forgot, I have a card up at WorldWin Blog today! Go check it out!

Have a Happy New Year! See you in 2014. {ok, it's an oldie but a goodie!}


  1. Pretty projects! I love how your little notebook and pen turned out and the gift boxes are sweet. From your list the one thing I don't ever picture myself buying is sequins...hmmm, could that be it?

  2. LOL - love that you had to alter your notebook for the art class!

  3. Super sweet notepad and pen. The gift boxes are sweet as well! Enjoy your class. I'm off to check out the details.

  4. I was also wondering what on earth you didn't have in your stash. (In my case it's what I can't find. lol) Love your projects. Happy New Year!

  5. Enjoy your art class...I love taking them when I have the time. Can't wait to see what you create. That card is STUNNING!!!!! I love it! Happy New Year, my Friend!

  6. Enjoy your class it sounds interesting by the stuff you needed to buy. Love your last card!

  7. You bought the notebook when we gathered in Antioch :) Pretty transformation.