Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good Ol' Sport Mini - POSTPONED!

Good morning crafters! I know that I promised you all the full tutorial for the Good Ol' Sport mini today! 

However, with all the "excitement" here pertaining to the wildfires, I did not get the project finished. I wanted to have a tutorial and a video for you, as well as a look at the inside. I am working on it, but it will be next week before I can get everything posted.

You may have watched some of the national news coverage of the raging fires we have been having in the San Diego area. We had at least 9 wildfires in San Diego county between May 12-16. A few are still burning! 

I took this from my master bedroom on May 14th. This is looking north, toward Camp Pendleton. It looks like the fire is directly behind my neighbor's house, but it is several miles away. That is the smoke and ash plume from a large brush fire.

I took this photo from my patio on May 16th, looking northwest. That is a new fire and as the day wore on that plume of ash and smoke got larger. 

My community was never directly threatened, praise God. The closest fire was east of us about 2 miles, in the dry riverbed. That fire was contained, and as the winds changed, the fire began to blow east, and away from us. However, we had to remain vigilant as a change in wind direction or strength can easily blow embers miles from the original fire. We were able to shelter at home, and we had power all week. I do confess to staying glued to the TV rather than the craft desk!

We are praying for the families that were affected by this latest round of fires. We lift up the First Responders who battled the many blazes is horrific conditions! And we praise God for the amazing weather to come this week, which will help keep the fire risk to a minimum!

Please check with me on May 27th for the Good Ol' Sport project! 

Click HERE for the sneak peek teaser.


  1. I cannot imagine being in such a situation! I pray that this threat passes over with no further harm. I just subscribed to your blog but knew your work from other sites and already had a great appreciation for your creativity and skill. I plan on enjoying getting my fill of these terrific projects.

  2. Oh my goodness, Gloria, I hadn't heard anything about this (since I'm in France I'm way out of the loop). I am glad, though, that your home and family are okay, and sorry to hear that others have not been so fortunate.

  3. OMG Miss Gloria . I am thankful that you and your family are ok and pray that this is all over soon.

  4. I cannot even begin to imagine living through something like this! The fear of losing everything and being defenseless against the threat. So glad that you were not affected and praying for those that were! The Fire Fighters are in my thoughts and prayers also! My son is a firefighter and EMT and I dread every call knowing that he could be in danger.
    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way and looking forward to your tutorial post! Blessings!

  5. Love your mini! Perfect embellishments.