Thursday, May 21, 2015

Social Media Makes My Head Hurt

Good day, Blogger Peeps! I have to admit, I am FAR behind the times when it comes to current technology, especially social media. I am trying to play a bit of catch-up, mostly to make things easier for YOU. 

If you wish to FOLLOW ME, there are several ways to do so in the left sidebar:

Join this Site: this option allows you to see my posts from your Blogger Dashboard. I am not signed up with Google+ yet, long story. Actually, I am signed up, but I ignore it. Longer story. {grin} Baby steps, people.

Follow Me on Bloglovin': this option allows you to follow the blog via Bloglovin'. 

Follow Me on Pinterest: this button takes you to my Pinterest Board, where you can FOLLOW any or all of my boards.

Follow by Email: this option allows Blogger to email you whenever I post to the blog.

Networked Blogs: this option allows you to receive a notice from Networked Blogs whenever I post. This option used to automatically publish the blog to my Facebook Page, but it no longer does that. I think you can still use this option to get post notifications.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page: this button takes you to my Facebook Fan Page, where you can LIKE the page in order to see what I post there. I try to keep my regular Facebook Page for people I know or people I work with, which means if you are a Reader or Fan of this blog, please LIKE the Fan Page instead of sending me a Facebook Friend Request. I use the Fan Page to post a photo and link of EVERY project I share here on the blog.

Subscribe To: This is another option for following the blog. You can subscribe to Posts or Comments via the Blogger features shown.

YouTube: I also have a YouTube Channel where I post video tutorials. I don't have many, but there are a few there for you to see. There is a link to my channel in the Tab section at the top of the blog. Once on YouTube, there are options for following my channel. I have a second channel under my name, but that is NOT the one you want. You want the Gloria Stengel Creations channel

At this time, I do NOT have Twitter or Instagram accounts. Since I do not have a Smartphone, there is no reason for me to have either of these options. {In my not so humble opinion.} My cell phone is so dumb, it wears a dunce cap! 

You can also see that I have added a Contact Form to the sidebar. I used to have my email on here, but lately I have been getting some rather annoying emails, so I thought this would be a better option. Feel free to contact me with all legitimate questions or concerns. I try to answer promptly. 

I have also added a HOVER button to my photos. Look at the photo below:

If you hover your cursor over the photo, a set of SHARE options will appear in the upper right corner of the photo. This allows you to share via: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Crosspost by Symphony. If you choose the Pinterest option, you will be prompted to select a pin board. Use this option to pin any projects you see. I have decided against the other type of Pin Button because I find it super annoying! And it requires me to edit my HTML blog code, and I don't wanna. 

Last, but not least. You can see some GALLERY options on the bottom of the left sidebar. These have not been updated in ages. I just have not found the time, and with Pinterest being so popular, I have not felt the urgent need. But, you can see some of my old stuff in there. I also have a TUTORIAL button in the Tabs at the top of the blog. This is sadly out of date as well. Since most of my blog posts are tutorials, I just cannot keep posting them twice. I will clean this up at some point (probably), but for now, use the SEARCH THIS BLOG feature if you are looking for something specific. 

If you scroll down the left sidebar, I also have a TRANSLATE THIS BLOG pull-down. If you need a language other than English in order to read my ramblings, this is for you. It is sort of fun to read my blog in French. {grin}

And that, my dears, concludes today's Public Service Announcement. Back to your regularly scheduled Internet Surfing! Have a happy day! 


  1. I know what you mean about social media---I'm not much up on it either. In fact, I don't even have a blog. Well, I did for about 10 years but gave it up a while back. I also don't have a smartphone---mine is pretty dumb, too. But, I do have an iPad and familiar with Instagram and have an account but, no photos posted to To be honest, I'm really not too keen on Instagram, anyway. I never realized just how much people are into themselves until Facebook and Instagram. People even post photos of their feet hanging out of a car on a sunny day. It's like, you just want to say, get over yourself

  2. First...I love your card! Those sweet little dresses are awesome! I have a completely stupid old phone and none of that other stuff except a completely neglected blog. I have you on my dashboard but don't do that google+ thing either.....

  3. Hi Gloria, I am not into Social Media, apart from Youtube (where I watch peeps make beautiful creations, all the time), I am on Facebook but stopped posting quite a long time ago, because I was looking at it all the time and having no time for crafting, because I was always on my phone !!!
    I tend to follow Blogs on Bloglovin and am able to look for inspiration.
    I adore your card, the little doll dresses are gorgeous and take me back to my childhood, when I used to cut out dolls and their clothes with the tabs on for fitting to the doll, nostalgia is fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. I love technology! That being said I do not have a cell phone. lol I get your emails and follow you on you tube and pinterest. I don't think I miss a thing. Love your work! You inspire me a lot - thanks! Hugs!!

  5. Wow you are more ambitious then I am :) Your card is just the sweetest ever, Love it!