Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cards and Friends Event

My dear cyber friend, Manoli is having a workshop event this weekend in Lugones, Asturias, Spain! I wanted to share the event with all of you, as a way to encourage all paper crafters, no matter where you live or how long you've been crafting!

See, Manoli and I started out together in "design team world" back in 2009. I had been "in the biz" for about a year or more at that time, and we encouraged each other to keep going. All this time later, we are both still at it! Two ladies from so very different places and backgrounds...were able to bond over paper crafting! And we are both able to share what we know with others through teaching, project tutorials, blog posts, and...just plain old friendship! 

Manoli asked me to write a note for the Cards and Friend Blog to inspire the workshop students. I said yes! If you wish to see the post, click HERE. The blog is in Spanish, but my post is in English, because I am an American, and naturally only speak one language! {hangs head in shame} 

I also shared some of my work with the Cards and Friends Readers. Go check it out!

I am so proud of Manoli and her workshop success!!!

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