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Christmas on the 25th - Christmas Printer's Tray

I know, it's the end of January, but...starting this month, I am going to try to share a Christmas themed project on the 25th of each month. I will share a NEW completed project, a work in progress (WIP), or something from the vault that I want to share again. The projects could be any sort of crafting item, not just paper crafting. {smile} 

Today, I am sharing a NEW project that I completed just before Christmas 2022. I was able to put it up with the rest of my holiday décor! Yes, a NEW printer's tray! 

I love printer's trays. I have made a number of them over the years - some for myself, some for shops or companies to display in stores or booths, and some to give as gifts. I have not made one for my home in a while, so it was high time! 

I had this 7Gypsies tray in my stash (okay, I have a few of these in my stash, why not?!). As you know if you have been reading the blog for the last few months, I am trying to USE things that I have in my stash! I tend to buy things and hoard them for "just the right time." Well, the  "right time" is NOW! 

Note: This style of tray is not popular at the moment, so you may have to do some Google searching to find something similar. You can always make one with chipboard, similar to the Tim Holtz configuration trays and boxes that used to be on the market. Or you could all start asking your favorite companies to bring them back! Then we can hoard more of them! {giggle} 

Anyway...I decided to repurpose a kit I purchased at the Ready Set Create event I went to in September. From the project photos I liked the kit (by Paula Cheney, see her similar one HERE), but in practice it was not really what I wanted. Paula used the Tim Holtz Vignette Tray and Matchboxes, but I felt the matchboxes were not only "fiddly" but not sturdy enough to handle being stored away. I ended up just pulling bits out of the kit and using some of them to make my printer's tray! 

I hauled out all the Christmas things in order to choose the papers and embellishments that I wanted. I decorate with a vintage/retro theme for the holidays, and I wanted to make the tray to match my other décor.

I spent the best part of a week working on this project! I completed one little opening at a time. There are 20 openings in the tray, where Paula's project kit had only 12 little boxes, so I used her project as an inspiration to create my own 20 vignettes for each "window" in the tray.

The tray is approximately 12 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 1/2" not counting the handle at the top. So the little widows are pretty small.

I pulled a lot of papers from Graphic45, Authentique, Simple Stories, and more! I really only needed small scraps of paper, stickers, then various small embellishments. I made my own embellishments in some cases. I got out the glitter, the seed beads, and just all the fun things! 

For such small spaces, each window is a little work of art! Each vignette takes time and planning to get it just perfect! 

Let's look more closely at each little window! I don't know for sure what company every item is from, but that is not really necessary for you to know. If you want to make something like this for yourself, just shop your stash for things you like or things that match your décor!

From the top, Window #1 contains a scrap of red and white plaid paper and a small chipboard rectangle with some vintage writing on it. I added a fussy cut flower taken from a scrap of paper and a few flat back red pearls. I used foam dots to pop up the flower, plus I added gold Stickles to the flower center. 

Window #2 contains a scrap of holly paper and a phrase sticker. The dove is a resin piece I had in my stash which I covered with glitter! I simply painted the bird with glue and then drowned him in glitter! {smile}

Window #3 contains a scrap of collage style paper and a chipboard tag/tab that I painted with red paint (I use cheap Apple Barrel paint, usually). I added some small screw brads that I painted white. Then I glued on resin numbers, which I think were in a package by Tim Holtz called Typography, in white.

Window #4 contains a piece of the same holly paper I used in #2. I added a gold seal sticker under a bit of flair. I have no use for flair pieces normally, but this one fit the tray opening perfectly! The angel is another resin piece I found in my hoard, distressed with paint, then again drowned in glitter!

Window #5 contains a piece of black and white gingham (plaid) paper and a piece of Christmas ribbon (from Really Reasonable Ribbon, where else?!). I slipped the ribbon through a sparkly ribbon buckle than added a sticker word. 

Note: Much of this stuff is old product, meaning you won't find it in the stores anymore. Instead of getting all frustrated, look for similar items, look in off the wall places, or shop your own stash! 
Window #6 contains a scrap of candy cane striped paper under a popped up faux metal stenciled letter "C." The letter is a Tim Holtz product, too but I totally lost the packaging and cannot remember what it is called. I added a few stickers to the letter tile. 

Window #7 contains more of the red plaid paper and a glass bottle that I filled with glitter. I added a sticker and a twine bow to the bottle to make some "wishing powder." I also added a metal star brad to the window. 

Window #8 is a larger window containing the black plaid paper and a collage I made from various Simple Stories and Graphic 45 stickers and chipboard. I also added a metal snowflake, a twine bow, and some red Stickles.

Window #9 contains a piece of wood grain paper (it is actually the reverse side of a journaling card). I found the door tag in my stash and colored it red with Distress Ink. I added a wreath with Stickles berries, a ribbon bow, a tiny bell, a "Joy" sticker, and die cut hearts. The little door knob is made from gold Stickles.

Window #10 contains a piece of paper with a fir tree. I used paint to antique a Tim Holtz Salvaged Santa and glued him to the tray (Santa, not Tim). I added some fake snow using some cotton batting and then some Grunge Paste. I gave Santa a sign made from a piece of ephemera I had on hand. 
Window #11 contains a red and white plaid paper scrap. I found a tiny tag with some gold decoration in my stash. I tied on a bit of twine and popped it up in the window. I then used some gold paint to change the color of the metal poinsettia, which I then glued to the tiny tag. 

Window #12 contains red/green/white plaid paper and a few stickers popped up.

Window #13 contains more of the holly paper for the background. I used a small bingo card to which I added the "deck the halls" sticker. I created a Christmas vignette with a tiny tree and some baubles and other bits and pieces. I added fake snow with Grunge Paste and Stickles. 

I have a whole bin of tiny Christmas bits and pieces that I dig into when I need something tiny! I don't toss extras, I just save them for...just the right time! {smile}
Window #14 was a fairly easy one, but it took me the longest time to figure out! I eventually added some green plaid paper to the background, then placed a Graphic45 tag on top. I added some Stickles to the berries. just needed something! I ended up making a tiny book from paper scraps, a sticker, and a tiny piece of ribbon! 

Window #15 contains more of that holly paper. (I must have used up a whole 8x8 sheet! Gasp!) I used a bit of the candy cane paper to cover a wood spool, then added the Grunge Paste to look like snow! I added some glittered and painted baubles and a flower, plus some pearls. I used a sticker tag from on of the Authentique collections. 

Note: Most of the "baubles" you see are just fallen bits from floral sprays! Sometimes in my making these little bits fall off a bigger arrangement, so I just scoop them up and save them. Win-win!

Window #16 has a snowflake paper background. For the vignette I used a thimble that I painted to look antique. I made use of the Tim Holtz candy pieces, all covered in glitter of course. I also added some punched and glittered greenery, some pearls, and a clear star. 

Window #17 contains yet more holly paper and a metal frame that I painted with white paint. I added some twine, a bell, and a sticker. I also fussy cut some leaves from the paper and added them to the top of the frame, under the bow.
Window #18 contains a scrap of the red plaid paper, a metal snowflake painted white, a glitter snowflake button, some sequins and bling, and a sticker phrase.

Window #19 contains yes...more holly paper and a Graphic 45 postage stamp image. I placed seed beads and pearls into a bottle cap, then filled it with Glossy Accents, which looks like a resin-filled baking tin!

Window #20 contains more holly paper. I used paint to color the Salvaged Deer. I added some punched and glittered greenery, some moss, a wood slice. and then fake snow made from Grunge Paste. The little deer has a red bow, and there are Stickle berries and clear stars on the background. 
I hope you enjoyed looking at this Christmas project, and I hope you are inspired to try to make a tray of some sort in any style! If you have one lurking in your stash for "just the right time," pull it out and get to making! 

I have another big project to share February 25th, so come back for that, especially if you love Christmas as much as I do! March 25th will probably be either a WIP or something from the vault as I am going to be on a cruse then! My husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in September but were not able to get away then. So, we are going to be cruising the Mexican Rivera in March for a week. {smile}

Thanks for stopping by! 

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