Friday, February 03, 2023

Old Things are New Again

I wish I was talking about myself when I say "old things are new again" as I just celebrated my 58th birthday yesterday! But, alas, I am not talking about myself! i did not wake up yesterday with new joints or a slim waist! I just keep getting older every day! {smile} But, discovering new things in craft world, or in this case re-discovering an old passion...that's pretty amazing, right?!!

You may remember back in 2013, when I had a back injury, that I retaught myself to crochet, something I had not done since my early teens! I enjoy the process of crochet, but I really do not care for crocheted items. (I know, I know!) However, I was wanting something to do with my hands when we watch TV, or when I am sitting idle in waiting rooms, or traveling, and so forth. 

Well, long story long...sit back and relax very first craft as an adult was counted cross stitch. Back (way, way back) in 1988 I was freshly out of college, married to a husband who was traveling a lot for his job, and I needed something to keep myself busy in the evenings after work! My friend shared with me her new hobby of cross stitching. She took me to the local Ben Franklin Crafts and said, "Look, Gloria! You can pick any craft you want!" (Well, I have picked them all by 2023!) So I blame my friend Mari for the state of my craft room! {giggle}

I chose counted cross stitch because it was inexpensive in those days. The cloth and a pattern and the could do a nice project for $5 back then. And, money was tight for us. I stitched a lot between 1988 and 2000. I made all the things! But in 2000 I was homeschooling two children and had just had another baby, my husband was still traveling a lot, plus I had started paper crafting. Something had to fall by the wayside, was cross stitch. I eventually gave all my stitching things away, except for a few bits of cloth and my boxes of floss, because I thought I would NEVER pick it up again. 

Yes, yes, famous last crafter words! I recently have been seeing lots of cross stitch that has made me VERY interested in the hobby again! (Thanks to my friend Amber! My friends are bad influences!) My style now is very different from the past, so I cannot morn my lost patterns and projects too much. Plus, money is no longer an I have dived back into the fray, so to speak! 

This sweet sampler pattern is from a series of 12 monthly samplers by Country Cottage Needleworks, called Sampler of the Month. I purchased all twelve (from Fat Quarter Shop online) and decided to begin with "June" so that I could make sure to finish them in time to display each month. {smile}

I stitched on 16 count off white aida and the finished stitching is approximately 8 1/2" x 3 3/4". After so much time away from the craft, and with my older eyes, I decided that 16 count was probably the smallest size fabric I could use! The project called for this sampler to be stitched on 32 count beige linen...which was a big nope for me at this point! 

I used DMC floss (available at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores), but I did change some of the colors because I was stitching on white. My only trouble was with those pesky French knots, which have always been my nemesis. Next time, they are going to be replaced with seed beads! 

I decided on a flat finish or flat fold, which just means that the stitching is not in a frame or made into a pillow. At any rate, that is my understanding of the terminology of the day. I simply put my paper craft skills to work and added a piece of batting to the back of the cross stitch panel and wrapped the whole thing around some heavy weight chipboard.  

I then created a top-fold "card" out of chipboard, which I also covered with scrapbooking paper (Lawn Fawn Perfect Plaid). The finished easel card is 9 1/2" x 4 3/4". Since the card easel is made from heavy weight chipboard, it stands up well on a table or shelf. Perfect for home d├ęcor. I am so excited to add these monthly samplers to my tiered tray displays! 

I added a little bit of ribbon and a button to match the stitching, but I may rethink that later. We will see. 

I cannot wait to stitch some of the other months, especially for my favorite holidays of Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

I have started the July sampler already - in fact I am nearly finished stitching it! I plan to finish all 12 samplers in the same way, with coordinating papers and ribbons. I love when several of my hobbies play together! 

And, because I am me...I have huge plans to design my own patterns! Not only to alter existing patterns, but to design my own from scratch! Y'all know me...go big or go home...with a huge basket of craft stuff! 

What old hobbies do YOU want to bring out again? I would love to know. And if you are a stitcher, leave me a comment! Oh, also...there is a thing called FlossTube! Go to YouTube and search on Floss Tubers....oh my! 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful, I can no longer go any smaller than 14 count myself, my eyes just can't take it. I still do counted cross stitch on my cards but usually cut the base out of my cardstock. I haven't done any big projects in a long time as cardmaking took over, i use to make quilts too and haven't done that is quite some time either. I love this pattern you did and it will be neat to have the different holidays done to display too!

    1. I have done a 14 ct and a 16 ct since restarting the hobby. I just ordered some 18ct fabric....we will see if I can mange it without a magnifier. ;)

  2. I will be 73 next month, and I learned how to crochet on YouTube about a year ago. I made some counted cross stitch cards for Christmas

    1. YouTube is great for learning new things!

  3. Oh what great results - absolutely stunning!