Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And September Passes

Yesterday it actually rained...for about 6 seconds. (Really it lasted about 15 minutes; enough to make mud out of the dust on the glass-topped table on the patio.) That was the first drop of rain we've had since about March. Ah, the joys of the semi-arid southern California coast. Folks think it's rainy and damp here, but it's not. It is a semi-arid climate. But yesterday we had a taste of "winter" with some rain, gloom, and even thunder! Today, it's HOT and the Santa Annas are blowing. That hot desert air hit the heavy marine layer yesterday and BOOM we had thunder and a tiny spritz of rain. Today - I may need to put the A/C on.

So September goes out and tomorrow it's October. In the three years I've lived in So. Cal. it's been hottest in October. (See some of my posts below!) I have no delusions that this October will be different. It's still gonna be T-shirt weather! And when all you dudes are fussing about the temp. being 12 degrees, I will STILL be in my T-shirt! (That may be seen as gloating, huh?)

Anyway, here is another fall layout. This one is a scraplift of a Close to My Heart layout I saw in one of their catalogs. Gloria-ized of course with lots of flowers and ribbon! These are photos of my kids and a friend's kids on another HOT California October, at the pumpkin patch. This was 2006. We had forest fires all over that area in 2007, so we skipped the pumpkin patch last year. (There is a page 2 for this layout, but it was not scanned or something. I'll see if I can find it.)

- Gloria

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