Monday, October 12, 2009

365 Cards - Torendi Week - Use the Word "So"

I think Pam ran out of "M" and "W" (upside down "M") challenges for me to do for 365 Cards! This week, we got all "S" challenges! HA! Try to figure those out! Bet you can't! Today, we have to use the word "So" on our card. I was lucky and received some vinyl rub-ons (stickers?) in my Torendi package that spelled out "Thanks So Much." I have used MOSD Stick-Ons which are similar to these rub-on stickers. They go on much easier than rub-ons and are a bit more forgiving if you mess up!

All the cardstock, printed paper, and the greeting came from the Torendi kit. I added some DMC floss and a few SEI buttons from my stash. This card is a 6x6 - so I did use a bunch of my papers doing this big size...but...the word stickers are kind of big.

I tried a new technique (for me) for this card. I pleated the paper to look like pleated ribbon. It turned out ok. I've never tried this before, so I had some trial and error. I like the look and think I'll try it in the future!

See you tomorrow for another 365 Challenge!


  1. "SO" sad you had to use a lot of the paper i am sure you wanted to hoard!:0) i love the look of the pleated ribbon!! hum.....all "s" challenges.....sleep? oh wait thats what i want to do right now LOL

  2. excellent Gloria!!

  3. Really lovely card. Love the pleating.

  4. I love this card SO much. love the combo of papers and of course buttons and twine make me happy. Lovely job!

  5. Great card! The pleated paper looks SO awesome!