Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Advent Calendar

I took a class at Paper Tales on Saturday, and made this cute advent calendar!  Connie was a fun instructor and I came home with a delightful project! I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a class this much! I am very hard to please when it comes to classes and rarely take a class.  What can I say? I always think I can do it all by myself and don't need to take any stinkin' classes! {grin}! I was pleased that I liked this class as much as I did!

Connie designed such a cute project and I cannot wait to see what she designs for next year. Plus, Paper Tales is THE cutest little shop EVER!

The base of the project is sheet metal, covered with paper. The little advent items are hot glued to magnets, and ta da! Advent calendar!

Seriously?! How cute is this?! I can't wait to hang it up!

Each little element is more adorable than the last! We glittered everything and hot glued our pants off! It was such a fun day! The project is very easy to make, but the fact that Connie had collected all these really cute little doo-dads was worth the price!

I love the glittery reindeer and the teeny tiny cookie cutters!

I made three very small changes...to numbers 19, 22, and 25.  Normally I change EVERYTHING when I get a kit, but this time I stayed inside the lines!

I added a Tim Holtz 25 tag to mine because my kids said the 25th needed an item. So, there you go!

If you want to find out more about Connie's classes, visit her blog at Connie K. and tell her Gloria from Oceanside sent you!


  1. Hi Girlie..
    Good job...I love the 25 why didn't I think of that...
    I am happy you enjoyed the class and hope you didn't get to sparkly in the process..
    I am sure we will run in to each other again in the future..
    Happy holidays...
    Connie K..

  2. Wonderful advent calendar.

  3. Oh this is gorgeous ♥

  4. This is soooo adorable!!

  5. Best Advent calendar I've seen.Definitely making one for next year-I love it!