Saturday, May 03, 2014

National Scrapbook Day - Flip Book Tutorial

Hello, Blogger Peepers! Today is National Scrapbook Day! I have a video tutorial to share with  you, plus some "downloadable" project directions! Can you say "wooohooo"?! I have finally created a video tutorial for my little flip book project! {I know, the wheels turn slowly!}

About 2 years ago (or so), I created this Valentine-themed flip book for Graphic 45. I have had a ton of positive response to it, which makes me super happy! If you want to see the full project, here is the LINK for the original blog post.

Here is a LINK for the printable directions. I kept getting emails from people wanting me to do a full tutorial for this book. I never got around to it, being that I was always so busy with current projects!

Since this was such a fun project, I decided to redesign this book for a charity class, which I taught on April 26th. 

The class had 25 students and, despite some "sound issues," the class went well. However, since I only had 25 class spots available, there were folks who did not get a chance to take the class! To make them happy, I have created a printable project sheet. Click HERE to download the step-by-step directions.

There were a few printable sheets that my students used. I cannot place them in my download file due to copyright concerns, however, if you wish to snag your own copies, click the links below. 

{I did notice that a few of my items that I used were not on the websites I gave you. If you search on Pinterest or on Google for "vintage patriotic images" you may be able to find some things to download and print.}

Are you ready for the video? I struggled with my camera, with the sound, with my lighting, and with some other things, but I hope that you can at least see the albums and understand the little tutorial at the end! {Yes, I must learn to talk more slowly!} 

Happy crafting!


  1. Hi Gloria, I like your tutorial, love it , very inspired, your explained step by step very clear, want to make it like that. Thanks for this video : )

  2. Hello Gloria . . . O M G . . . what a beautiful card! Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Have a nice day,

  3. Thanks so much, Gloria, for the links and the video!
    Great project- love both versions!

  4. Hi Gloria, YouTube recommended your video tutorial in my list of videos to watch. I'm definitely going to make this album, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and am going to follow your blog! Thanks, Jackie

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I am so loving your mini's. You clever girl making up a great base to finish off with different themes. Thanks so much for the shout out.....just thrilled you were able to use the images in your book!!! I'll be trying out that base when I get to the shop Tuesday!!!!! Huggs from me : )

  6. I remember this on the G45 Blog and I thought then I have to make this but never did and then forgot all about it. So glad you posted it again so I will definitely be making it this time. I love the idea and it will make a great Mother's Day card. Thanks so much for sharing it again.

  7. OMG!!! I'm so glad to see this again! And a tutorial too?! I cant wait to make one! Yours are just incredible!

  8. Oh and P.S. it was extra special fun to hear you in the tutorial too!

  9. Love your tutorial. I don't know how in the world you have time to do all you do. What would we do without you. This is simply gorgeous! Well done!

  10. Marvelous!! Can't wait to find time to put this together! Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

  11. No matter how hard i try, there's just no keeping up with you! How did this wonderful tutorial slip by me? (I should be just coming to live in Glorialand. It would be a fun creative place, where no one would ever be bored, or wonder what to do with themselves.)

    Thank you so much for making the video AND the written directions. It is such a considerable amount of effort to make what we do accessible to others. You're just totally awesome.

  12. Excellent ! I love your flipbooks.
    Thank you.