Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Are the Graphic 45 Monthly Folios EVER Coming Back?!

If you have been following along, you know that we still have June, July, August, November, and December to go. This is not a new thing with me...starting something that is long-lasting and time-consuming...and then dropping it part way through. My father used to get very upset with me for not finishing things! 

Since the deadlines for these are self-imposed, I have pro-craftinated (got sidetracked by OTHER crafts and endeavors)! Shame on me!  

I ABSOLUTELY DO plan to finish these folios! I really do hope to get them finished this spring! I have a craft retreat coming up the first weekend in March, and my plan is to finish all of the folios! The pencil...

If you want to go on without me, just remember, the January, February, and March folios have the same construction, and all three are posted. (Click the bold months to find the tutorial.) 

The April, May, and June folios are the same construction, and both April and May are posted.

Next, the July, August, and September are the same construction, and September is posted.

And finally, the October, November, and December are the same construction, with October being the last one I posted.

You already have all the measurements, and so on for the months I have posted. You will just need to use the papers that you have available and design your own look for each folio.

Or, you can keep waiting around for me to get my act together! 

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  1. I just saw these paper packs at Tuesday Morning stores (at greatly reduced prices), if anyone who is waiting wants the exact same papers :)